"The Erasmus Mundus Gulf Countries scholarship is the greatest opportunity to grow as a person and as a researcher at the same time you live an enriching multicultural experience..." [...]

"I believe that Erasmus Mundus is a two-fold invaluable opportunity. Professionally, it exposes the participant to a new educational and academic environment. Culturally, it promotes and fosters the multicultural-multilingual-global understanding..." [...]

"I believe that Erasmus Mundus study program can provide a life time experience with a unique opportunity to shine and obtain a better future.After spending three months in Europe, I could say that my family will enjoy exploring the beauty and rich culture here...” [...]

"A very unique experience in an exceptional University. The program was just tailored to my needs and looking forward to participate in it in the near future..." [...]

"It is an honor to be part of Erasmus Mundus Action 2, for the year 2011. It is a wonderful experience to come to Europe and discover for yourself..." [...]

"I am very happy for the unique opportunities that Erasmus Mundus program is offering me..." [...]