1- What is ERASMUS MUNDUS Programme?

Erasmus Mundus is a cooperation and mobility programme in the field of higher education that aims to enhance the quality of higher education and to promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation between Europe and Third-Countries.

The program is implemented by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).



The Erasmus Mundus programme for the Gulf Countries, Lot4 is a partnership established between 5 European  and 7 Gulf Countries’ Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and HEIs Associations, within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Strand 2, Lot4.

All participating universities have ample experience in international co-operation and academic exchange. The mobility scheme proposed for the project foresees an exchange of students and academic staff of 78 persons within the consortium.

The types of mobility are:

  • Masters
  • Doctorates:
  • Post docs
  • Academic staff


Objectives of the programme:

The Erasmus Mundus programme for the Gulf Countries, Lot4 is being managed under and focuses amongst others in the following goals:

  • To support cooperation between higher education institutions with a view to promoting study programmes and mobility;
  • To foster the mobility of students, doctoral and post-doctoral candidates between the European Union and the third countries/territories by promoting transparency, mutual recognition of qualifications and periods of study, research and training, and, where appropriate, portability of credits
  • To support the mobility of professionals (academic and administrative staff) with a view to improving mutual understanding and expertise, of issues relevant to relations between the European Union and the partner countries;
  • To develop a distinctive value for the promotion of region to region cooperation. The implementation of the programme shall contribute fully to promoting the horizontal policies of the Community, in particular by:
  • Enhancing the European knowledge-based economy and society and contributing to creating more jobs in line with the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy and strengthening the global competitiveness of the European Union, its sustainable economic growth and its greater social cohesion; • Fostering culture, knowledge and skills for peaceful and sustainable development in a Europe of diversity;
  • Promoting awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity within Europe, as well of the need to combat racism and xenophobia and promoting intercultural education;
  • Making provision for students with special needs, and in particular by helping to promote their integration into mainstream higher education, and promoting equal opportunities for all;
  • Promoting equality between men and women and contributing to combating all forms of discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.


In order to reach the goals of the programme, Lot4 foresees:

  • GRANTS for students (only postgraduate studies) and staff (academic and administrative) from European universities looking to develop their activity in Gulf Countries universities.
  • GRANTS for students (only postgraduate studies) and staff (academic and administrative) from Gulf Countries universities willing to develop their career pursue a degree in European universities.


Mobility distribution:

Number and type of mobility per Gulf country

CountryMasterDoctoratesPost DoctoratesAcademic and Admin StaffTotal
U. Arab Emirates23139
Saudi Arabia23139

Number and type of mobility per European Country

MasterDoctoratesPost DoctoratesTeaching StaffTotal

Important note: All applicants must be currently enrolled in a partner university of the consortium or must have a higher education degree of a partner university of the consortium in the academic year coinciding with the start of the project eligibility period


Erasmus Mundus Lot4 Gulf Countries offers a scope of Fields of study.

Erasmus Mundus programme for the Gulf Countries offers comprehensive grants to all selected students and staff which include the following:

  • Monthly allowance (according to the type of mobility awarded)
  • Tuition fees covered by the Programme at Host university
  • Travel, Accident and Health insurance
  • Travel costs to and from country of origin to Host university

MobilityGrants offeredDuration (in months)Monthly Allowance granted Travel, Accident and Health Insurance Tuition fees Travel costs
From GCC to EuropeFull Master14221.000 €IncludedIncludedIncluded
Doctorate2010 to 341.500 €IncludedIncludedIncluded
Post-Doctorate361.800 €Includedn/aIncluded
Academic and Administrative Staff2112.500 €Includedn/aIncluded
From Europe to GCCMaster (mobility)461.000 €Includedn/aIncluded
Doctorate (mobility)761.500 €Includedn/aIncluded
Post-doctorate (mobility)161.800 €Includedn/aIncluded
Academic and Administrative Staff812.500 €Includedn/aIncluded